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Pacific Heights Residential Resort: A perfect taste of home environment

Sunday, 08 March 2009 17:43
DAVAO Elite Properties (DEPMC) brings you the Pacific Heights Residential Resort to crown the line of its flourishing economic and low cost housing communities all over Mindanao.  As DEPMC expands its horizons, it creates a community to suit the lifestyle of the privileged who enjoy the beach environment to serve as benchmark for its future communities to create.

This resort subdivision is an eight (8) hectare property subdivided into residential lots that enjoy overlooking the beach environment of the island. 
A few years back, Pacific Heights pioneered the creation and selling of overlooking beach line subdivision lots in Samal.  Buyers who welcomed the refreshing opportunity of acquiring overlooking beach line properties warmly received its initial entry and promotions.
However, when the real estate industry seriously trended towards creating high-end communities, DEPMC management decided to re-create the packaging of Pacific Heights.  Thus, with its new engineering concepts and architectural designs at par with the known high-end communities in the industry, Pacific Heights has re-entered the market to offer a timely offering of luxurious living in more affordable prices and installment schemes.
This residential resort project is located in Barangay Camudmud of Babak, Island Garden City of Samal, which is just a short fifteen-minute ride from the wharf.  It enjoys the advantages of accessibility, affordability, and luxury together with the popular market offerings for high-end overlooking lots and beach line properties that boast of white sand beaches alongside Samal’s natural assets and scenic attractions.  Soon, a congregation of parks in each sub-community will rise at the Pacific Heights Subdivision.  

Pacific Heights today envisions a community with a panoramic home setting alongside a state of the art resort complete with the latest facilities catering to both active and passive activities that are quite popular for either the adventure-thirsty tourist or local.
DEPMC will ensure a comfortable and hospitable dwelling place by creating a better community with a new taste of environment to impress its homeowners.  That is why the resort lifestyle concept of this development designs a unique entertainment and luxurious comfort without sacrificing the natural beauty of the Island.  Its beachfront tree plaza will be the main promenade in acquainting the calm seas during ebb tide while its latter portion becomes a wading pool during high tide.  It will also have overnight cottages, duyan coves, massage cottages, function hall, and resto bars.  The resort’s interactive pool is complete with lapping pool, pool coves, kiddie pool, sunken decks, and sand decks to entertain both local and foreign beach enthusiasts. 
Surely, PACIFIC HEIGHTS Residential Resort will make its privileged homeowners boast of the abounding value of their investment.